Welcome to a Taste of Italy in Peru VT

Bromley Beach at the Wiley Inn


Italian Antipasto & Salad Buffet

and a Pasta Selection of your choice

Blue Moon Sorbet for dessert

or Wilcox vanilla or chocolate ice cream

 all for just $16.50 plus tax & tip ($8.50 for a child’s portion)


Buffet Selections Include

Lots of Salad (fill up – this is the only dietetic part of the evening)

Fresh Romaine dressed with your choice of

homemade Caesar, Balsamic or Lemon Herb Vinaigrette

Fresh Breads

   or a scoop of Bromley Mkt. Seasoned Bagel Chips

           with your choice of sweet butter or traditional minced garlic in olive oil


Genoa, Sopressata, Capocollo

Assorted Olives, Pepperoncini and Provolone Cheese

Marinated Mushrooms, Artichokes, Sweet Peppers & Sundried Tomatoes

Kid’s finger foods selection (for little Wiley visitors only)


Pasta Selections Include

Pasta your choices are -


Pasta Shape of the Day

Sauce your choices are -

Sissy’s Bolognese – the Dorset Inn’s recipe as interpreted by Judith

Special Sauce(s) of the Day  - ask your waitperson for detailed description

Uncle Dave’s Marinara – a spicy marinara from Vermont

Plain Tomato or Butter Sauce – for the non-adventuresome


Optional SIDe ORDERS ( if your pasta is lonely on your plate)

Delicious homemade meatballs                                $2.00 additional

Chicken sautéed with white wine                               $3.50 additional

Beer, Wine & Soda available to order

Generous Gratuities are always appreciated by your waitstaff


But why Bromley Beach you may ask?

We’ve always loved relaxing on the beach – that would make Vermont complete!

We hope you’ll enjoy our newest excellent adventure,

your hosts Judy and Jerry

Care to see some photos of our salad, breads & antipasto buffet to tempt you?
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